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Maison Rosé manufactures professional and business uniforms for several areas from an extensive research and a corporate fashion consulting.

Be introduced to the Maison Rosé’s clients cases, which have ensured a fierce impact on the visual identity of their brands. Be sure that only a reference company in business wear can offer such differencial.


Operating in Brazil since 1993 and with more than 50 stores in the country, the German automaker AUDI has been a Maison Rosé´s customer for more than 4 years. This long term partnership demonstrates credibility and a high quality standard in business wear for car dealers.

With expertise in customized uniforms for car dealers, Maison Rosé manufactures garments to sales and after-sales departments for Audi Brazil, as well as for Audi Service Express employees, who are responsible for vehicles’ maintenance.

Maison Rosé puts excellence in service first and makes Audi’s uniforms respecting all the standards that are established by the automaker´s visual identity manual.


Operating in Health and Agriculture sectors worldwide, Bayer has agricultural uniforms designed by Maison Rosé.

Besides the agricultural cooperative uniforms for Agro Bayer and Bayer CropScience, Maison Rosé is also responsible for making exclusive pieces for conventions and events.

To add sophistication, Maison Rosé prioritizes the use of fine fabrics and differentiated design in its creations , ensuring elegance and wellness to their customers employees.


BMW, one of the world’s most impressive automakers, has enjoyed the sophistication of Maison Rosé’s car dealers uniforms for more than four years now.

In the segment of luxury cars, where excellence and quality are paramount, Maison Rosé manufactures corporate uniforms with the exclusive and perfect finish that a BMW shop requires.


Maison Rosé designed, through an exclusive and personalized service, a collection of corporate business wear for Casa Show and TendTudo stores, branches of one of the largest retail groups in Brazil’s construction segment, BR Home Centers.

In order to provide unique corporate fashion consultancy required by the client, Maison Rosé team traveled to their main store to present its business wear project.

At the delivery time, employees displayed their new work garments in a charming fashion show highlighting the Maison Rosé´s commitment and professionalism toward its customers.


Prior to becoming a Maison Rosé´s customer, Gollog, freight and parcel transport service by GOL Airlines, did not have an unique and defined visual identity, the uniforms wore by them were similar to those of the airline team.

However, as there were different roles and needs between aviation and parcel orders teams, it became essential to create an exclusive uniform for Gollog.

Maison Rosé was chosen for this creative mission. The results presented by the corporate fashion consultancy were comfortable pieces that cherished employees’ safety and provided thermal protection against strong winds that use to hit the airports.


Through a corporate fashion consulting project, Maison Rosé has developed a complete collection of corporate uniforms for Hafil, a leading construction company in Southern Brazil.

With 12 unique models of corporate uniforms, employees have now customized pieces that transmit the company’s innovative identity and met their desire of bringing fashion into the work environment.

For external collaborators, Maison Rosé developed formal dresses that highlighted the visual marketing of their employees who are in direct contact with customers and suppliers, pointing out the company’s credibility.


Maison Rosé supplies professional uniforms for MacPonta Agro dealers, company responsible for selling John Deere world-renowed agricultural machinery.

In order to design Mac Ponta Agro’s business uniforms, as well as their insurance and rental companies, Maison Rosé carried out an extensive corporate fashion consultancy that sought to understand its client’s needs to offer the best solutions in uniforms.


In a partnership that has lasted overn three years, Maison Rosé is responsible for designing the uniforms of the journalism team of Rede Paranaense de Comunicação – RPC, a Rede Globo affiliated branch in state of Parana.

Along with the station’s costume team, Maison Rosé has developed uniforms that convey the brand’s visual identity. They are worn by reporters, cameramen and external collaborators during the Summer Operation and the Paranaense Soccer Championship.


As a result of a business fashion consultancy, Maison Rosé has developed corporate uniforms for SEBRAE receptionists to wear during lectures and workshops.

Through their uniforms, SEBRAE transmit the visual identity of the client’s brand to the public and entrepreneurs who attend its events.