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Studies reveal that it takes only three seconds to someone be able to perceive the profile of the people and the company they represent. This demonstrates the great relevance of the personal and professional images that are transmitted through body language, voice tone and words appropriateness.

To the clients who hire business fashion consulting services, Maison Rosé offers lectures given by Andrea Schultz, CEO of the brand, speaker and consultant of style and behavior in the business environment.

palestra sobre moda corporativa
palestra sobre moda corporativa

We understand the client’s need to provide guidance to its employees.

During these meetings, tools for high personal and professional performance of the employees are provided. Andrea addresses issues on clothing and professional dress codes about color matching, make-up tips, accessories and behavioral etiquette that help employees to evaluate their actions against the profile of the company in which they work.

A good personal image offers credibility and reliability to the client, positively conveying the corporate identity.